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Privacy and Security

This page gives information about security, and our privacy policy. Areas covered by this page include:
Who To Contact

This page should fully explain our privacy policy. If however you have any further queries regarding privacy please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).

If you have any queries about security please contact us and again, we will usually get back to you within 24 hours.


Information Collected

When you add items to a shopping basket very little information is collected. All that is collected is a product code and quantity for each item in the basket, plus a randomly produced identity code. We do not store any information on your computer (except for a cookie - see below), nor do we retrieve information from it (apart from the information your browser needs to view any web pages). At this stage it is impossible for us to identify you personally.

We use a cookie to store a reference to your shopping basket. A cookie is a small file that can remember information between web pages, of if you close and then restart your browser. These cookie files and the data within them are not used by us for any other purpose, nor may they be used by any other website. Our cookie contains no sensitive information, nor any information that can identify you or your computer. If you set your browser to reject cookies you may not be able to purchase from this website, but may still contact us to purchase goods offline.

When you decide to order we collect further information about you, including who you are and where you live. Your payment details are also collected at this time.

We never sell or otherwise share any email addresses we collect, nor do we send any unsolicited email (spam). Any emails received from us via the database will contain clear instructions on how you can have your email address removed.

In addition we collect information from you when you process an online query. The information collected is that which you enter in the online form.

If you wish to check information that we hold please e-mail us. You will be given the option of correcting any errors you find, or if you prefer we will delete your details.


Who Collects Information

Most information is collected by Rainbow Kingdom. Information held by us is believed to be correct and up to date. If you are aware of any inaccuracies please email us and we'll either update your information or remove it at your request.

If you pay for items by PayPal we do not have access to your card details or your bank details. Such details are collected by PayPal as required on their secure servers. For more informations please visit PayPal.


How Information Is Collected

All information is collected lawfully, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

When you order from us, or submit an online query, we collect your information via the online ordering forms.

If you pay via PayPal Your payment information is collected via a secure site by PayPal.

Rainbow Kingdom do not collect your card details. We do not have access to your card number.



Your payment details may be collected by PayPal on our behalf.

Rainbow Kingdom do not have access to your card details. Our payment services use the best encryption systems available to protect your payment details. These details are never stored or transmitted in unencrypted form.

All encryption used equals or exceeds current market encryption standards.

Your order details (not your card details) are stored on a password protected server that is protected by high security until transferred to our accounting system. These details are never available via HTTP (web page) access. The accounting system is a separate server in a secure location on which your order details are password protected. All backups are protected.


Why Information Is Collected

Shopping basket and payment information is collected to allow us process your order.

Information collected via other online forms is used to process your query, and to allow us to improve our services.

We never collect information about individuals for marketing purposes. We respect your privacy, so your information is handled in a way which exceeds the legal requirements of the Data Protection Act and the GDPR.

If you ever want more information about how we collect data and what we store about you please do contact us.


Marketing Information

Rainbow Kingdom NEVER send out unsolicited email (spam).

We may contact you by email or phone with any queries about an order you have placed, or to talk to you about any queries you have. Such correspondance will not be used for marketing purposes, unless as a result of a request by you. We never collate marketing information about any individual customers.

Please note that we will never disclose your details to anyone else except where required by law (for example for fraud prevention).


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