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Yellow Beetle Suncatcher

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Yellow Beetle Suncatcher

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A suncatcher designed like a yellow beetle with black spots.

This item was fairly traded with people in Indonesia.

For best results we suggest hanging this suncatcher in direct sunlight. The Sun's rays will pass through the suncatcher, bringing it to life, and will add a splash of colour into your room.

For the items with two sets of sizes below the pack size is the approximate size of the biggest single part (e.g. one elephant from a string of them), the item size is the approximate full size of the product when it is hanging, including any hanging cord.

This product has been fairly traded with people living in third world conditions. None of our products have been produced in sweatshops. We make sure the crafts people who actually make these items get a proper wage and work in good conditions. Please note that all this items are hand made, so the item you receive may differ slightly in shape or colour from the item in the picture.

This item is for decorative purposes only, it is not suitable for children. This item is not a toy and should not be used in play by children.

The sizes below show the approximate size. Please note that these items are individually hand made so the item you receive may differ slightly in appearance or colouration.

Product Code SC012
Category 1
Fair Trade Gifts
Category 2
Pack Weight 29g (approximately)
Pack Size 100mm x 85mm x 3mm (approximately)
Item Weight 29g (approximately)
Item Size 255mm x 85mm x 3mm (approximately)

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