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Encaustic Art Basics - 80 Pages

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Encaustic Art Basics - 80 Pages

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Encaustic Art Basics
Work with the iron, stylus, scribing tool and wax block colours
Create artistic work following step by step projects
Companion book to the DVD of the same name

Work through the disks and learn in easy stages. There are loads of demonstrations revealing and explaining the numerous different approaches. Even a complete beginner with no previous artistic experience can start to discover the enjoyment and satisfaction which this encaustic art process brings. It is magical, fun, relaxing, surprising, interesting, fascinating and rewarding.

Encaustic art is the art of painting in pigmented molten beeswax, using heated tools.

Product Code AB002
Category 1
Encaustic Art
Category 2
Books & DVDs
Manufacturer Arts Encaustic
Author Michael Bossom
Artist Michael Bossom
Format Paperback
Pages 80
EAN 9781999653606
ISBN-13 978-1-9996536-0-6
ISBN-13 1-9996536-0-2
Pack Weight 400g (approximately)
Pack Size 297mm x 210mm x 50mm (approximately)

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