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Satya Lemongrass Incense (15g)

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Satya Lemongrass Incense (15g)

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Satya Lemongrass Incense (15g). This refreshing scent is used to uplift and is said to stimulate and balance the aura. Satya incense are handmade by artisans in India using the highest quality ingredients. Each pack contains 10-12 vegan friendly incense sticks, each of which will burn steadily for about 45 minutes. Each stick is roughly 20cm long, of which about 15cm is incense coated.

Joss is a fragrent mixture of incense powder on a small wooden stick. You light the end then blow out any flame leaving the stick to smoulder, giving off a scented smoke. Joss is designed to burn evenly over a period of time, and will go out once the incense has burnt, leaving behind a small stick.

Pack Weight 26g (approximately)
Pack Size 41mm x 26mm x 18mm (approximately)

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