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A4 White Card x 100

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A4 White Card x 100

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A pack of 100 sheets of A4 white card.
High quality white card.
Ideal for Encaustic Art.
Heat resistant.approx 8.3 inch x 11.7 inch, 210mm x 297mm.

Not all card is suited to encaustic art. The card we sell is the best suited to this art form. Many types of card will either react to the heat (for example photographic card), or the colour will bleed into the card. Our card will give you excellent results.

Encaustic art is the art of painting in pigmented molten beeswax, using heated tools.

Product Code AC003
Category 1
Encaustic Art
Category 2
Manufacturer Arts Encaustic
EAN 5060007050731
Pack Weight 1990g (approximately)
Pack Size 297mm x 210mm x 25mm (approximately)

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