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16 Waxes - Enrichment

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16 Wax Blocks - Enrichment

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The waxes included in this set are:
02 - Vermillion
05 - Lemon Yellow
07 - Green
11 - Blue Violet
17 - Grey
18 - Prussian Blue
19 - Cobalt Blue
20 - Yellow Ochre
21 - Venetian Red
25 - Gold
26 - Silver
28 - Bronze
29 - Pearlescent
36 - Neon Red
38 - Neon Orange
42 - Magenta

If you get the Basic, Enhancing and Enrichment sets you will have one of each available wax block.

Encaustic Art
Sub Category
Wax Sets
Arts Encaustic
Pack Weight
220g (approximately)
Pack Size
148mm x 90mm x 28mm (approximately)


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