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Wisdom Seekers Tarot Set



Embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and positive change with The Wisdom Seekers Tarot. Each card features an inspiring illustration that makes the underlying Tarot symbolism easy to grasp. There is also a helpful guidebook by David Fontana, whose twin perspectives as Tarot expert and psychologist make this deck the most useful and approachable yet. He explains how Tarot symbols can be keys to understanding the instinctive patterns of thought and behaviour that are normally inaccessible to our conscious minds, but which determine who we are and what we can become. The guidebook includes a profile of each card, as well as traditional layouts to guide you on your journey.

Professor David Fontana was a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and the author of many bestselling books.

Features of the set:
Stunning, highly accessible card illustrations that offer the clearest representation available of the profound symbolism of Tarot
An 80-page guidebook explaining how to work with Tarot archetypes for personal development and spiritual growth
Tarot expertise combined with in-depth knowledge of psychology to make this the most practical and easy to use deck on the market

Tarot of the Witches



Unravel the secrets of the universe with this colourful look at the dream-like world of witches, as featured in the film James Bond 007: Live And Let Die.

This highly popular deck is based on a cycle of oil paintings by Fergus Hall and possess an inexplicable reaction-provoking quality in spite of its traditional appearance.

- 78 cards
- Instruction booklet

Angel Answers Oracle



Sometimes you need a sample and to-the-point answer to your questions and these cards offer you trustworthy guidance when a short-but-sweet response is required.

If youre navigating through a confusing situation, this card deck will yield straightforward answers to give you the clarity youre seeking. Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine bring you an oracle card deck that cuts to the chase with the most pertinent information you need. The 44 beautifully illustrated cards come with step-by-step instructions in the accompanying guidebook. For those who have never worked with angelic energy before, or who are introducing a client to their unique power, these cards will be an invaluable tool.

Angelarium Oracle



The sense of being at the presence of something distinctly human, but ultimately mysterious is at the core of Angelarium.

There is a place where all thingsd exist, and we will go there. Angelarium is an infinite expanse within our own internal world. We see it not by looking outward to the great expanse that surrounds us but by looking inside the delicate world captured within ourselves.

Contains a book and 33 cards.

Angel Cards Set



Includes book and cards. Angels are our inner companions. They help us to look at the world in ways that infuse our lives with vitality and assist us to experience the deepest levels of understanding, creativity and caring.

The Angel Cards provide 52 playfully illustrated key words that help you focus on particular aspects of your inner life. Each Angel Card illustrates a quality that can evoke your intuitive abilities and renew your spiritual connection.

To enhance your experience of the Angel Cards, the book provides inspirational messages for each keyword and guides for visualisations, meditations and journals to use with the cards.

Angel Cards



The Angel Cards were developed as part of The Transformation Game, a board game designed to encourage individual creativity and enhance our ability to interact successfully in relationships.
The Angel Cards can be used to support you in many different ways. Choose an angel on your birthday to overlight your new year or other special occasions. Select a weekly or daily angel to bring inspiration to work, school or a relationship. Pick an angel with a friend or relative you would like deeper connection with. Discover your own unique connection to the angels.

Angel Cards For Children



33 Angel cards and instruction card. These beautifully crafted cards with angel illustrations will inspire and delight small children and their parents alike. Angels are a very familiar part of a childs life, whose vivid imagination is still undisturbed by too many influences from the often more practical reality of adults.
These colourful cards will encourage the natural tendency of young children to connect and play with their angels, to experience these loving beings as friends who give them support and comfort, and a sense of identity and importance.

Angel Dreams



Interpret messages from dreams.
Messages from angels.
Guidebook included.
Every night when youre asleep, your angels, your unconscious mind and the universe are giving you guidance, answers to your questions, and cautionary signs. You can take charge of your life and experience deep healing by understanding and processing these dream messages.
In this beautifully illustrated card deck, Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue reveal the meaning of 55 basic dream symbols. The accompanying guidebook explains how to conduct dream readings to resolve your deepest questions and concerns and shine light upon your unconscious mind. In this way, you can harness the power of your dreams to steer yourself in your desired direction!

Angels Of Atlantis Oracle



Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards by Stewart Pearce and illustrator Richard Crookes are inspired by the Twelve Archangels of Atlantis. The cards, like the angels, appear as loving, wise guides providing powerful counsel in order to heal our lives. These Archangels enchanted the elixir of well-being into existence that allowed Atlantis to flourish harmoniously for thousands of years.

Familiarizing yourself with the 44 characteristics of these ancient beings will allow miracles to occur in your life. The inspiration of the heart virtues governed by the Archangels will easily answer any challenging life question. Earth healing is their objective, and Paradise is their destination.

Presented in a box and lid package, along with a booklet with additional explanations and instructions.

Angels Of Abundance



Everyone has an equal opportunity to receive the ever-flowing bounty and support Heaven continuously provides. Yet, we can unknowingly put up blocks on our path of abundance. If money worries are blocking you from the path of greater well-being and happiness, this 44-card deck and accompanying guidebook will allow you to identify, heal, and remove them.

The Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue (co-authors of the best-selling book of the same name) offer you specific insights and guidance from the specialty angels who ensure that your Heavenly mission here on Earth isnt hampered by lack. The Angels of Abundance wish to help you manifest support for your earthly needs, life purpose, and charitable giving so that you can enjoy the blessings that are your Divine birthright.

Angels Of Light Cards



Angels are high spritiual beings. They come from the heart of God as guides, protectors, helpers and healers. Allow these cards to help you bring them into your life.

Angel Therapy Oracle



This easy to use deck with accompanying guidebook is appropriate for card readers of all levels.

It is a powerful healing and guidance set that involves working with your guardian angels and the archangels (particularly Michael and Raphael).

These oracle cards and the enclosed guidebook give you action steps to take that will initiate healing; help you release fears and emotional blocks; and give you messages about your life purpose, relationships, manifestations, and more.



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